ssj4 vegeta vs syn shenron

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I know Omega Shenron did say he was gonna destroy the universe but lowkey that’s just a statement (and it was over time iirc), also Nova shenron was damaging him with a couple thousand degrees of heat iirc. While Omega attempts to counter the wave, he receives another surprise: Goku powers up and uses his Dragon Hammer, which seems to obliterate Omega. While using this power up his eyes glow red, and he gains a purple and black aura. As Omega prepares to finish off Vegeta, Goku emerges from the crater of Omega's failed attack, readying the Universal Spirit Bomb, his ultimate and final technique. Abigailmoores41. The energy covered the entire Earth, causing massive disasters and threatening to consume the planet, if not the entire universe. To push Goku to fight better, Omega attacks his family and friends (consisting of his sons, wife, daughter-in-law, Mr. Satan, and Trunks). OMEGA SHENRON. Super Saiyan 4 Vegeta (DBL19-07S) Character Card Details. GT chars could/should easily be more powerful, but I'm unconvinced that they can keep up in speed and they definitely can't deal with the hax. In Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Butōden's story mode Omega Shenron is defeated by Super Saiyan God Goku, even though Omega Shenron has been further powered up from minus energy to the point of being capable of using the Ultimate Minus Energy Power Ball (an attack far more powerful than it's iteration in GT). Powers and Stats. Type ATK and DEF +60%: Dark Dragon-Slaying Bullet: Causes supreme damage to enemy and greatly lowers DEF: Rampant Bloodlust: ATK +80%; all enemies' DEF -30% "Super One-Star Dragon"). Syn Shenron takes on Super 17(after absorbing the 10x Kamehameha and after absorbing Android 18's KI) It was stated that regular Ssj4 wouldn't be enough to beat Syn Shenron(before the Z fighters gave Goku their power) and Syn Shenron pretty much stomped Goku. Gibachi from Kajika, after drinking dragon blood, GT Dragon Box Syn Shenron early designs from late 1996, Syn Shenron's Nova Star/10x Kamehameha-like attack, Syn Shenron grins, looking at Goku unconscious, Omega Shenron fires Super Ice Ray at Goku, Omega Shenron punches SS4 Goku in the back, Gogeta attacks Omega Shenron at super speed, Omega Shenron fires a barrage of finger blasts, Omega Shenron rush against Goku and Vegeta, Omega Shenron firing energy bullets at Goku, Omega spreading his Aura to create darkness all around the Earth, Omega after spreading his Aura to overshadowing the entire Earth, Omega Shenron's grapple throw used on Vegeta, Omega Shenron spots the Universal Spirit Bomb, Syn Shenron and the rest of the Shadow Dragons in the JM8 trailer. Two large, fleshy horns emerge from the top of his head, and a pair of tiny feelers emerge from his upper lip, giving the appearance of a mustache. That's good since I just rewatched Gt and there aren't many feats in that one. @zacharythegray: If you have an argument, go on. And since Goku has mastered the Dragon Fist in GT, we can also assume that Wrath of the Dragon is canon. Super Baby Vegeta 2 is about equal in power to a Super Saiyan God. Vegeta tells Goku they need to hurry and fuse, but Goku watches with pride as his and Vegeta's sons fight together. Yea the buffs toriko got flipped this thing all the way around lmfao. It’s been ages since I saw GT. Bulma JP Recommended for you I'm only clearing up a few things you said above. Two more fleshy spikes protrude from the sides of his chest, and his abdomen and the back of his head are dark blue. When Goku finally has the Spirit Bomb charged up, Omega lets go of his pride and attempts to talk his way out of the situation; unfortunately for him, Goku is far too disgusted by the dragon's evil to listen. I also wanna check out the anime fight between kid goku and Tenshinhan since I heard of a lightspeed attack in that one which would really push the speed argument for Gt. Eis's slash cut through buildings effortlessly, meaning that is nowhere near his limit. He is the main antagonist in the Hero Mode of Ultimate Tenkaichi, wishing with the Black Star Dragon Balls to make Earth a living hell, because he found peace to be "So boring". and Dark King Mechikabura Saga. Omega Shenron is destroyed by the Universal Spirit Bomb. When Gogeta uses Big Bang Kamehameha on Omega Shenron, he loses every Dragon Ball except the One-Star Ball. Again though, sorry for being too lazy to get scans and other things. Xeno Gogeta vows to defeat Omega Shenron quickly as he's more interested in fighting the Majin which angers Omega Shenron to the point he says that he will kill everyone there. Syn Shenron after absorbing only six of the seven Dragon Balls. Defeat Omega Shenron; Lose conditions. SSj3 Gotenks. Realizing this, Omega intentionally allows them to try the fusion once again, fully aware that the attempt would fail. Hmm… Let’s compare DBGT and DBS.

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