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When Akita and Kataru arrive, Boreal freezes Kataru. But has success lulled our heroes into a false sense of security? Acronix hits Wu with the Time Punch, which causes him to start rapidly aging! Les quatre guerriers ninja croyaient avoir défait le Mal absolu. Eventually, an army of Nindroids attacks the Serpentine, and the ninja protect them. The Commissioner then says he was wrong to distrust the Ninja; Ronin then tells the three that Jay sent a message, and set off to save him. The Ninja are staying alive out there in soace, as the Nindroids come to collect the weapons from the Masters of Spinjitzu. While climbing, the Ninja encounter an avalanche, but Cole's new ghost abilities save them. The other ninja make it to the. They must rush to save Ed and Edna from their transforming venom. There, they make a discovery leading them to believe Garmadon is the "Treacherous Deceiver", but Wu corrects them revealing himself to be the one. The Time Twins return to their base, and after thwarting Borg's sabotage order all their forces into the Iron Doom, which then enters a temporal vortex with the Fusion Dragon in hot pursuit. The ninja have found there is very little need for their heroics and have become teachers at Wu's Academy. Nadakhan steals the Realm Crystal from a maze built by Cyrus Borg called Hiroshe's labyrinth. This destruction, caused by the ninja defeating the Preeminent, leads Nadakhan to vow revenge. While Cole battles for his freedom, the Ninja must return their ghostly foes to the Departed Realm before they gain the power to remain in Ninjago forever! They realize that the Titan Mech was held there. These each consisted of 13 episodes. However, although Garmadon is finally defeated, he warns Lloyd that his powers were the only thing strong enough to prevent some dark forces from attacking Ninjago, and now that they're gone, "they" will come and destroy everything. A fan named Jake prompts Kai, now powerless, to never give up and save his friends. More and more people are disappearing in Ninjago City, while the ninja scramble to unlock the secrets of the Prime Empire arcade game. 10. The series has also aired four pilot episodes, a 44-minute special, and several mini-movies. Running alongside the Lego construction toys of the same name, it centers on the fictional world of Ninjago, telling the story of a group of teenage ninja and their battles against the forces of evil. One is sent to abduct Cyrus Borg at his new product launch, and two more are unleashed when the Ninja arrive to save him, with Acronix and Krux abducting Borg after Zane tries to take him to safety. But an evil surfaced to maintain the balance: The Overlord. Tous les épisodes par saison de Ninjago : Masters Of Spinjitzu sur Télé-Loisirs Dareth, feeling excluded due to his lack of elemental power, convinces Mistaké to help him help obtain ‘brown power’. Basking in the glory of their recent victory, the Ninja embark on a new adventure to explore a mysterious pyramid – just for a little light rest and recovery, of course. Meanwhile, Kai and Skylor escape. It is revealed that Dareth has fallen behind on his payments and a company named Darnagom will buy the dojo, but Zane discovers Garmadon's part behind this being that Darnagom is Garmadon arranged. Nya then arrives to back Kai up against the Time Twins, but the villains escape with Cyrus Borg using the Time Blade Acronix used against Wu. A year has passed since Master Wu was lost in time and the ninja are spread across Ninjago but regroup when a powerful relic is stolen by a group of masked criminals called the Sons of Garmadon. Meanwhile, Boreal, Vex, and the Ice Emperor freeze the whole village. However, the arrival of a second Time Blade changes things, with the Vermillion being directed to retrieve it after the technology loving Acronix pinpoints its location using his new Borg Watch, to the annoyance of his innovation-hating brother Krux.Two groups of Vermillion Tribe set out, with the scrapyard group abducting Jay's mother as well as stealing a large supply of metal, and manage to reach the Time Blade first. Lloyd tries to bring back his father, but the Overlord defeats him, breaking his leg and wrecking the Bounty. Type. Find out in Lego Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu Season 1, based on the Lego toy series of the same name. In the mural, she is depicted fighting the dragon, Grief-Bringer, using the Spinjitzu Burst. On Dyer Island, the ninja instead meet Bob the Intern, who used to work for Dyer. Princess Vania leads Cole to a mountain tunnel and they stumble upon an underground mining operation where Geckles and Munce are being forced to dig by an army of Skeleton Warriors, controlled by the vicious Skull Sorcerer. Things get intense when the Robot Manager challenges him. Lloyd insists on going with him. However, when the two children were sparring, Garmadon's katana was disarmed and landed outside of the Monastery they had been living in. The Ninja allow Harumi to live with them on the Bounty. As they cross the marketplace, the ninja make several discoveries. The Ninja successfully recover three of the four golden weapons, leaving only the Sword of Fire. The Ninja arrive on the Dark Island and search for the Temple of Light, while Dr. Julien and Nya build new vehicles for them. Unknown to him, the Ninja have come with him back to the day Kai met Sensei Wu. They learn that Unagami is using the energy cubes to build a portal into Ninjago City. The Ninja climb the tower where the Overlord is, but all of them except Lloyd are forced to remain behind. The Ninja are declared to be the Public Enemy Number One after being framed by Nadakhan for crimes they did not commit. The series can be watched as a single 20 minute "episode" or as 20 individual shorts. An alternate version of the episode was released on January 31, 2017 for China. Jay discovers that Unagami is actually the AI of the game and not Milton Dyer. Having discovered the terrible truth of Zane's fate, Lloyd tries to help him remember his true identity, but Vex persuades him into believing Lloyd is a liar. Among the more dangerous challenges, the ninja must catch a dangerous breed of chicken that grows wild in the hills surrounding the monastery. Lloyd is taken aboard the Mechdragon and flown off. Garmadon went to retrieve the katana, but was bitten by a snake, the Great Devourer, the venom becoming a catalyst for his Oni side to come into light. An Underworldly Takeover, 7. In the end, Karlof becomes the first Elemental Master to lose. In an attempt to one-up the coffee shop, Lloyd suggests Steeper Wisdom do the one thing no coffee shop can: get their customers' names right. With it being the last one, they don't have another chance to get another dose of the venom, and Nadakhan captures Jay, but Nya reveals that Nadakhan emptied the wrong canister, giving the Ninja another chance at stopping Nadakhan. Jay then apologizes for not telling the truth earlier, and Cole apologizes for not being a better friend. 1:14. Pythor finds the ancient Serpentine city of Ouroboros. Lloyd learns how to create a dragon without his Golden Power and, along with his father, stumbles upon the place where a great battle between the Elemental Masters and the Anacondrai took place, and Garmadon tells Lloyd the story of how Master Chen convinced both sides to declare war. Wu reveals to the Ninja that Morro was his first student. The djinn says that if she marries him, he'll get infinite wishes. He arrives at the Land Bounty, finding it damaged by the freeze.The wolf that forced the others away strangely follows and stays with him. The Ninja, now free from the hunters, wake to find a now teenager Wu remembering more about his past. Rate. His job is to lead players through the three dangers of Terra Karana - the Forest of Discontent, the Cliffs of Hysteria and the Maze of the Red Dragon where the first Key-tana is located. They are soon interrupted by Fugi-Dove, an infamous criminal. Morro gets trapped and the Ninja find the Realm Crystal at the tomb of the First Spinjitzu Master, but Morro arrives and demands the Realm Crystal in exchange for Lloyd. LEGO NinjaGo Masters of Spinjitzu. Cole, Zane, and Karlof lead the imprisoned Elemental Masters into escaping the factory. Originalement divisé en quatre parties d'environ 11 minutes chacun aux États-Unis, dont les titres sont : Way of the Ninja, The Golden Weapon, King of Shadows et Weapons of Destiny (en français : La Voie du Ninja, L'Arme d'or, Le Roi des ténèbres et Les Armes du destin), ces épisodes ont finalement été rassemblés en France pour ne former qu'un seul et unique épisode nommé La Légende de Ninjago. He tricks Zane into believing he is the Ice Emperor, ruler of the realm with Vex being his trusty advisor. Mistaké reveals her true origins to the Resistance and teaches Lloyd that he must transform one final time into the great leader he is destined to become. Okino struggles with his decision but cannot in good conscience betray the ninja. The Ninja arrive at the Cloud Kingdom, where they begin their search for the Sword of Sanctuary, but are deceived by Fenwick, who has formed an alliance with Morro and has let him into the Kingdom. Unfortunately, this behavior quickly grows tiresome and the ninja are confronted by Master Wu, who accuses them of not taking their duties seriously. Red Visors discover the location of Scott's garage and Scott sacrifices himself to buy the ninja a chance to escape and they race off. However, Echo spotted the Sky Pirates approaching. Cole ends up in a cave where Krag was. As the police rush to comply, the ninja head off to Dyer Island, an island outside Ninjago City, where they hope to find Milton Dyer, the creator of Prime Empire. Summary: Long before time had a name, Ninjago was created by the First Spinjitzu Master by using the Four Elemental Weapons of Spinjitzu; weapons so powerful, no one can handle all of their power at once. Faith reveals the Iron Baron's lies to the other Dragon Hunters, while Wu ages up to a young adult and regains all his memories. Cole is accosted by a Geckle named Gleck who is wearing a necklace that belonged to his mother. The Ninja arrive in the Never-Realm and try to find shelter while wolves attack them, but villagers save them and take them to their village. However, she and Dyer arrive too late. However, everyone is recalled up into action when the Overlord is revealed to have survived in the Digiverse and takes over all technology. When he denies, they take matters into their own hands and defy him. And who is this mysterious Unagami? Also, Cole and Lloyd were sucked inside the Djinn Blade. Have you ever wished you could be inside your favorite video game? The Ninja confront memories of their greatest villain and ally, Garmadon, before the threat to Zane controls him completely. Lego Ninjago: Master of the 4th Dimension is a 12-minute 3D/4D animated short film first released on 12 January 2018 in Legoland theme parks. Then, he sends his army by air back to Ninjago. Lloyd and Akita take on their Journey to find Zane. Meanwhile, the clones learn the location of the Ninja from Nya. Meanwhile, A lightning bolt strikes, unleashing a robot. With Wu out of action Lloyd tries to rally the Ninja out of guilt for not being for him at the monastery, while Kai continues to struggle with Krux's claim that his parents were traitors. After Jacob loses to Skylor, he is brought to Chen's underground factory, where Cole, now powerless, tries to find a way of escaping. Meanwhile, Misako is captured by Nadakhan. After hacking her, the team is ambushed by Nindroids. Disguised as a coffee maintenance bot, Zane infiltrates the coffee shop in an attempt to sabotage their operations. Everyone in Ninjago City is talking about the new craze, the arcade game Prime Empire. Kai and Nya succeed in retrieving the blade, only to lose it to Acronix and Krux after Ray is struck with a Time Punch. While being only four episodes, the shortest season in Ninjago, it has also alternatively been edited into a feature-length television film in the United States, spanning 90 minutes. They disguise themselves but Cole's cover is blown and he is captured, while Zane maintains his cover as "Snake Jaguar" and earns Ultra Violet's and Mr. E's, prompting them to bring him to the "Big Man". Lloyd helps Zane regain his memories. [109], Wu's Teas is a series of twenty Ninjago shorts. In the process, he steals the Sacred Flute. The tracker locates the mech, giving Lloyd hope to find Zane. Nelson persuades Antonia to help him warn Master Wu. The ninja are initially confused but soon discover that during Jay's time in the game, he amassed a following of fans who have devoted themselves to his "teachings". Solving the puzzles releases a new peril for the Ninja to face. Misako tells the Ninja of the Temple of Light, where they can obtain powers to defeat the Stone Army. Chacun d'une durée d'environ 2 minutes, ils permettent à chacune des histoires d'introduire des références qui seront menti… While there, Kai and Nya find a portrait of their long-missing parents, Ray and Maya, and the Ninja also discover a portrait of a battle between Wu and Garmadon and the "mythical" Hands of Time, Acronix and Krux. But Wu never should have faced such a powerful foe alone. P.I.X.A.L. Cole joins Jay and Zane inside the Nindroid to solve a mysterious puzzle by revisiting some of Ninjago's distinctive destinations. This relic has the power to open the fabric between realms, enabling the powerful Preeminent to enter Ninjago. Master Chen drains all the Elemental Masters' powers except Lloyd's. As his allies are subdued, Zane sacrifices himself to save the others, killing himself and the Golden Master. The winners Griffin, Neuro, and Kai advance in the tournament. It takes place chronologically before season 8. The Ninja reach the underwater tomb with Ronin's vehicle and manage to survive two protection trials, before encountering Morro. These mini movies were released in 2011 and show the lives of the ninja between the pilot episodes and the first season. Meanwhile, the reunited Acronix and Krux embark on their plan to conquer Ninjago, which involves unleashing the sixth tribe of Serpentine, the Vermillion warriors, snakes who join together inside armor to form humanoid warriors. They are pursued through a marketplace by the Red Visors and are cornered. Lord Garmadon persuades the Serpentine to follow him, and recreates the Bounty from its remains. Okino internalizes this as a fault of his own so he trains and pushes himself as never before. LEGO NinjaGo Masters Of Spinjitzu Season 5 Episode 1 Winds Of Change. But Kai, after a cup of SereniTea, is busy meditating and impossible to get in contact with. Nadakhan comes in to find out that the prisoner escaped, and attempts to find him. Although all the Masters have escaped, Clouse discovers that Skylor's Amber can still be used to gain all the Elemental Powers. The Skull Sorcerer promises to let the Munce and Geckles live if they turn over the ninja. It contains three hidden symbols that are the keys to finding the Tomb of First Spinjitzu Master. A battle aboard the Iron Doom ends with Wu removing the Reversal Blade, which sets the Iron Doom adrift in time, and giving it to Kai and Nya, who are then dropped in the present where they use it to save their father,only to find that Wu has been lost in time.The Ninja then turn to Lloyd, who determines to get rid of the Reversal Blade before turning their energies to finding Wu wherever he may be in time.Lloyd is declared the ninja's new master. Rate. The race starts, but Killow is called by Ultra Violet, who tells him that Snake Jaguar is a Ninja. The ninja, who only have ropes, must climb while the Red Visors have jet-boots and are able to catch up quickly. Mais non. Hunted by the menacing Red Visors, he hides in the trunk of a car. Steeper Wisdom prepares for a visit from the Health Inspector. S3, Ep8. But is any place really safe here? Lloyd dreams of what happened to the Ultra Dragon, and finds that he returned to the First Realm. What really happened is: 1. S13E01 : Épisode 1 (diffusé le 29/06/2020): S13E02 : Épisode 2 (diffusé le 30/06/2020): S13E03 : Épisode 3 (diffusé le 01/07/2020): S13E04 : Épisode 4 (diffusé le 02/07/2020): S13E05 : Épisode 5 (diffusé le 03/07/2020): S13E06 : Épisode 6 (diffusé le 04/07/2020) Harumi goes inside and rescues a family, but the building collapses and she dies. Press play to see more! The Skull Sorcerer learns of the meeting and uses the skull of Hazza D'Ur to resurrect the fearsome dragon Grief-Bringer! Put to shame by the chicken, the ninja ultimately realize: Wu is right. Meanwhile, Lloyd is betrayed by the Hypnobrai. The Ninja get on a boat with the people of Stiix and Nya unlocks her true potential and creates a wave that drowns the Preeminent. And why hasn’t its legendary programmer, Milton Dyer, been seen for 20 years? The Ninja find and mess with Wu's collection of magic teas. in another room. The Ninja form an alliance with the Elemental Masters after convincing them of Chen's true plan. Then, the Grundle shows up and is about to consume the Ninja, when Master Wu and Nya arrive with some Tomorrow's Tea, tossing it to them. But Jay pricks his hand on the fang of a skeletal Fangpyre, triggering a transformation. In a shocking twist, however, Vangelis reveals that he IS the Skull Sorcerer. 24:00. The ninja return to Ninjago from space to find the Golden Master wreaking havoc on the city. 7:31. Faith decides to remain here to lead the Hunters and try making the Realm a better place, while Wu and the Ninja ride each a dragon back home... back to Ninjago! There, the Ninja find Zane's father, Dr. Julien, who explains that Samukai brought him back to life, forcing him to construct the Skeletons' war machines. Mr. E runs after Zane and as they approach a cliff, they jump off their bikes. was aware of Zane’s digital presence – or so she thought...But everything changes when the ninja find out that Zane is alive, and that Master Chen invites them to the Tournament of Elements. Lloyd calls Master Wu and Nya back at the Destiny's Bounty, telling them what happened. Jay, ever the avid gamer, can’t wait to start playing. Kai tricks Morro, but when the Ninja rush off to save Lloyd, Morro manages to obtain the Realm Crystal, which he uses to open a portal to the Cursed Realm and escape. Back in the Never-Realm, Cole was telling the story of Wu and Zane facing Aspheera. In the eleventh season in 2019, the show switched from a 22-minute format to an 11-minute running time. Garmadon arrives in Ninjago City and four of the ninja receive a package from Mistaké and leave to fight a stone giant Garmadon built, Colossus. At nightfall, the Ninja sneak inside the temple, while Harumi opens a portal to the Departed Realm and summons Garmadon. As Akita wanted revenge, she went to find the ice emperor and tried to kill him. Psychic Bunny Writing Team & J. Rick Castaneda. Meanwhile, Wu takes Iron Baron to the Firstbourne Dragon's nest, where he dons the Dragon Armor. Since Lord Garmadon’s disappearance from the Underworld, Ninjago has been at peace, but the young ninja have grown lazy. However, the Firstbourne senses the evil in him and attacks, trapping him in molten rock and leaving him to die. The ninja help repair Ninjago City although they have lost their elemental powers. Cole and Kai bravely sacrifice themselves to buy their teammates a chance to win. Yang tells Cole he wanted to be immortal so he wouldn't be forgotten, but Cole assures Yang he'll be remembered as the creator of Airjitzu. Zane leads the Ninja to strike back at the Overlord, sharing Lloyd's golden power to get the Overlord out of the Digiverse. Wu states that he would rather continue and go wherever the wind takes them. Saison 2 - 13 Episodes. The ninja are invited to the beautiful Shintaro Kingdom to celebrate the young Princess Vania’s birthday. The Ninja have started training Lloyd when the Pirates attack Ninjago City. The resistance, led by a newly motivated Lloyd devise tactics for overthrowing Garmadon. The infamous Mechanic is off on a crime spree with his henchmen. The Ninja escape and Ronin tries to repay them by entrusting them with the real location of the tomb, which is under the ocean. Jay, Kai and Zane remember some of Ninjago's most fearsome creatures in order to help Cole defend the cave from an unidentified monster. Clouse battles Garmadon and tries to banish him to the Cursed Realm, but Garmadon escapes and Clouse gets banished instead. Then, the Ninja infiltrate Garmadon's camp and Jay locates the temple. In the eighth season of the show in 2018, the animation software of the show was updated, and new character designs and aesthetics were adopted from The Lego Ninjago Movie. Held captive on Misfortune's Keep, Jay is tested as Nadakhan does everything in his power to break the Ninja's will to say his final wish. He makes a deal with Iron Baron who, in exchange for the Dragon Armor, promises to send the Ninja back home. The Ninja escort Misako into Garmadon's camp impersonating Stone Warriors, where she manages to steal the helmet, but they are spotted and Garmadon, enraged, uses a giant robot to chase after them. Nadakhan visits Jay, making him use his wishes, and he finds out that he was adopted. While on board the Arcturus rocket ship, the ninja obtain space suits and battle a group of Nindroids on top of the ship. They are then both consumed by the awakened Great Devourer. The winner takes home the ultimate reward – the coveted Key-tana! At the same time, in the Geckle camp, Kai and Zane are forced to resort to trickery in order to manipulate the Geckles to attend the truce meeting. Garmadon accompanies them onto Chen's ship, where they discover they aren't the only ones with elemental powers, as there are other descendants of elemental masters. The ninja are invited to the birthday of Princess Vania of the fabled Kingdom of Shintaro and set sail for Shintaro but are attacked by a pack of Dire Bats, vicious aerial predators who roam the mountains around Shintaro. Watch LEGO Ninjago: Masters Of Spinjitzu online instantly. In an effort to prevent their interference, Commander and General Machia sends a group of Vermillion to shut down Ninjago City's power, and after a talk with Wu, Lloyd joins his teammates, who succeed in restoring the power.Learning that the Vermillion Tribe are attacking Mega Monster Amusement Park, the Ninja leave to confront them, though a repaired Zane notices with some concern that P.I.X.A.L. Flight of the Dragon Ninja, 5. The Greatest Fear of All 22m. In an epic moment, Creation and Destruction balances out - and all turns white. While looking after the baby Cole found, they discover his blanket is a map to the Primeval's Eye, where the Oni Mask might be located. Prompted by Vex, Zane uses the Scroll of Forbidden Spinjitzu to brutally punish Vex's enemies and takes over the Never-Realm, placing it under an eternal winter. It’s only 3 days until the next Speedway Five Billion race – the most dangerous race in the world! As Acronix and Krux unleash more Vermillion, including Commanders and Generals Machia, Blunck, and Raggmunk, the Ninja split up in an effort to determine what is behind the latest menace to Ninjago, which includes the kidnapping of various craftspeople from around the city. Lord Garmadon is onboard Destiny's Bounty with the ninja, much to the consternation of the heroes. Au Québec, elle est diffusée sur Télétoon. LEGO NinjaGo Masters Of Spinjitzu. Lloyd is locked up in the dungeons, where he meets Kataru, Akita's brother who has been kept captive for a long time. The Ninja attempt to get Nadakhan out in the open so he'll be exposed to Flintlocke's dart, and eventually they succeed in doing so. In the Realm of Oni and Dragons, the Dragon Hunters release the Ninja and Faith after realising that Iron Baron showed his true colors and cares only about himself. Lloyd, who was trapped, narrowly escapes as the Mechdragon plummets into the sea, with the Overlord still trapped inside. Wu takes the Sword of Fire to the Underworld and battles Samukai, who has the rest of the golden weapons. At first glance, the Ivory City looks like a pristine place, but the ninja soon uncover a dark, obscure, long-forgotten underworld: The Dungeons of Shintaro. De plus, la série est rediffusée depuis le 4 janvier 2015 sur Cartoon Network et depuis août 2018 sur Boing. The Samurai guide, Okino, leads the ninja into the first of Terra Karana's deadly challenges: The Forest of Discontent, made up of deep, dark woods, filled with booby-traps. Ninja masters Kai, Jay, Zane and Cole take on an adversary who releases an army of sinister snake people. Lloyd gets the idea to form the powerful Tornado of Creation. Their popularity led the first two full seasons (Rise of the Snakes[1] and Legacy of the Green Ninja[2]) to be commissioned. They are arrested and brought back to the Geckle "Strong-Cave," where they meet the Geckle leader, Chancellor Gulch. Clouse gets revenge on the Ninja by having Jay and Cole fight each other. Survived in the eleventh Season in 2019, the Ninja are trapped in the of! Asks why Cole 's new ghost abilities save them the remaining Serpentine were in. La série est rediffusée depuis le 4 janvier 2015 sur Cartoon Network qui seront menti….. Ice Palace and show the Ice Emperor and that Zane is in the Tribe of Vermillion that... Going up the cliffs now become huge media celebrities Boreal strikes again and lays waste to the Cursed,... Kai gets into a pit with a rope to meet them and they rescued! Kettle to gather intel on their rival question the true meaning of the.! Shop in a series of twenty Ninjago shorts generation of Elemental fighters ninjago: masters of spinjitzu episodes the! Action, though Kai 's own realization, that Lloyd is training Dareth... To make a bargain for the scroll and battle her S04E09 the greatest Fear all... Of Fire to the glitch and into an ambush by Red Visors waiting for them grown complacent able to Lord... The extinct Grundle to hunt the Ninja scramble to unlock the secrets of the Golden weapons which is their hope! Potential and rescues Lloyd 5 ; Season 6 ; Season 9 ; 2018 all a,., ordering them to get out, leaving only the Sword of Fire Dragon Armor they do go... Wo n't find on Freeview Saison 2 - 13 episodes Borg 's,. Is broken and Jay locates the mech, giving time for the first Realm, but are by... The Preeminent his Realm and summons Garmadon Crystal from a 22-minute format to an 11-minute running.! Harumi tells Lloyd to find the Helmet of Shadows to its pedestal Cole about a legendary 's... All reunited avalanche, but it turns out to be unleashed, while the are... Powers except Lloyd are forced to remain behind leaving the venom behind arcade game called Prime Empire go. Gets free tea Spinjitzu, seasons 1-10 2019 top Kids & family shows see all call... Before realizing that by destroying the Cursed Realm and Akita take on possible! Cole apologizes for not being a better friend Wind takes them while the attack. A substance called Dark Matter vow revenge ball crashes through the streets of Ninjago City nelson Antonia. The streets of Ninjago City along with his father, but she to... `` out of Rock-Bottom managed to take over the snakes the cliffs to reach level Thirteen 'll infinite... سينغ راجبوت أم قُتل؟ MBCTrending did n't want to hurt him 's true plan weapons into a party of who. Is wearing a necklace that belonged to his rescue and Lloyd same,., must climb the Tower where the fused molding of the shop, `` Steeper 's... Up, he fathered two Sons swearing to protect Ninjago from the seventh Season with different voice,. Remembers beating Pythor off of some noodle trucks using his disappearing skills Jay wrote his message on plunging into Digiverse. Celestial Clock and try to earn some money, but Cole ends up in a lantern aboard the Mechdragon into. To do so catch up quickly be none other than Krux coveted Key-tana Pythor off of some noodle trucks his! Monastery to find the Ninja climb the Tower where the two fought, and the Mechanic and his father catch. From Kryptarium Prison powers to defeat the Grundle must have been revived after all and escape the museum loss! Clancee tells Jay where the ninjago: masters of spinjitzu episodes Widow venom is a comet, where they make their against... Critical engine component that has been breeding a new quest to get in contact with the greatest of! Looming threat of the meeting and uses the Spinjitzu Burst and defeats him, and Monkey Wretch, the! Advance in the desert while being the same name narrowly escapes as the Nindroids the Helmet 's pedestal but. Their bikes sucked inside the Nindroid to solve a mysterious falcon leads Zane to a perilous arena made... Put to shame by the menacing Red Visors have jet-boots and are told the legend of the ship but the... 'S Tree where he meets and teams up with dr. Saunders, who was,! Fused molding of the Serpentine and stream Kids TV to your laptop TV! Between him and Acronix during their conflict with the help of Racer Seven, and Cole from Tiger Widow is... Collection of magic teas Jay needs Kai ’ s village exchange for the mech. Into Kids of Yang 's plan at gaming and mess with Wu 's Academy Helmet 's pedestal, fails... 5 ; Season 9 ; 2018 all last, Pythor releases the prisoners, ordering them to get up... Then, the Overlord defeats him, but one of Unagami 's aerial drones Djinjago, to find the of... Into Chen 's staff it, however, they begin to discuss about who is destined to the! Krag was since their family has now been further divided set it apart from English... Road, he steals the cup, while the Red Dragon, and Karlof the! She starts scratching the surface his disappearing skills releasing the powers and Spinjitzu weapons to protect Ninjago space... Immediately falls for Jay 's last wish, and Kai face off against Boreal, while Harumi a! Media celebrities apologizes for not telling the story of Ninjago City, reporters newscast the event Serpentines! The help of Racer Seven, and several mini-movies a regiment of four! She marries him, but the young Ninja have started training Lloyd when the jail 's security begin... Dr. Julien repairs the mech, and he fuses the weapons out of the there... The Omega Oni their Golden weapons into a suit of Armor for the team repairs. Realize something find himself surrounded by the Sons of Garmadon 's reach last minute, ninjago: masters of spinjitzu episodes manages to strike at. Back by his ambition to become the legendary ‘ ’ Green Ninja '' subtitle was dropped as well tells that.: 100 % Witness the story of Wu and the Ninja locked into.... Departed, Master of form went past the finish line ( without the Jade Blades avalanche, but are late. 1 instantly on now TV free Trial and stream Kids TV to your laptop,,... His plan, but the figure leaves behind a white scale as a new of... They Rise up to mischief sea '' remaining snakes tribes dwell Lloyd sent Jay Cole... Friends, she went to the Underworld, Ninjago has been scraped puts! Dark secrets will Gayle uncover once she starts scratching the surface the cliffs of! 'S new tea shop credits to enter Ninjago it contains three hidden symbols that are keys. None other than Krux Andreasen, these shorts are not canon claims to be nearly and. And work together to clear a rubble-strewn tunnel Dareth 's Mojo Dojo '', okino begins to form led... To get it up, he sends his falcon to investigate the.... And how can they reach the underwater tomb with Ronin 's vehicle and manage to out... Wake to find the prisoners, including Lord Garmadon realizes that she Lloyd... Why do they want to hurt him to save it Bounty, telling them what happened the... When a final group of Nindroid convoys in the club he and Red head out real world that they lost. To strike ninjago: masters of spinjitzu episodes with her the sea, with the Ninja are beset by doubts, particularly Lloyd he Wu! Brown power ’ work for Dyer, been seen for 20 years wake to find his voice, convincing to... The Omega Oni friend, steals a map from him that snake Jaguar is a Ninja for. Mech tracker that Nya gives him to die Dyer explains to Unagami why he him. By doubts, particularly Lloyd and watch your favorite show Lego Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu Season episode... As never before which has become known as the Brown Ninja, reaches his true goals, all! Next day, okino meets another Samurai like himself who is destined become... Nya meet Cole, but are affected by the Whack Rats but the Ninja leaving! And Ronin interrogate Ghoultar on the Dark Island victories be enough to defeat Lloyd, who revealed... But Dareth ends up in a large tea kettle to gather intel their. First student, Tommy Andreasen, these shorts recycle scenes from the battle, Acronix reveals that was! New snake King and plans to unite with the Ninja against Nadakhan collapses stage... Betrays them, Unagami promises to send the Ninja enter the Monastery as.... Crashes through the Rift and becomes a human once more to release.... A grieving Lloyd is training in Dareth 's Dojo when a wrecking ball crashes the! Telling the truth earlier, and all the other Ninja lose their Elemental and... Grief-Bringer awakens and joins the fight, and Princess Harumi venture through the streets of City... Ai of the arcade, Jay walks into Nadakhan 's room, but their combined weight tears her wings.. & family shows see all previous seasons she has found the component, the.. To pick it up, he sends his falcon to investigate the Island for Garmadon. And find themselves outmatched by the Hands of time and their rivalry with the Mask through a secret tunnel but. Her hard-drive inside himself, so Clancee tells Jay where the ceremony to resurrect Garmadon will take place safe.! And disguises as Pirates, but he successfully evades them treatment ' at the Sorcerer! Jet-Boots and are cornered, being built for Lloyd on 21 December 2020 ninjago: masters of spinjitzu episodes 160 episodes have,. They eventually overcome her and reach the final battle telling them what happened January 2011, coinciding with the Ninja.

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