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Superb fast delivery. The nothing-but-milk message is reinforced with the adoption of a new name Nestle Just Milk. Thank you. Full cream condensed milk. £6.40. Very good deal thank you with fast delivery, packing is good but box still smashed a bit. Find more information on all Nestlé brand products available in Malaysia. Now did receiveing as requested by CS Almost 3 weeks or more. All items received in good condition. Fast delivery. Terbaik… Barang cepat sampai. Neatly wrapped. 52 % 10g Fat. Thank you ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️, Terbaikk.. cepat sampai. Nestle Nido Full Milk Powder - Instant Cream for Coffee & Tea Beverages with Added Vitamins & Minerals & No Added Preservatives or Colours - 400g Tin 4.4 out of 5 stars 310. Bought it cheaper during 9.9 sales. Good and great value with Cashback. • Also available in convenient pack NESTLE JUST MILK Full Cream Milk 200ml and NESTLE JUST MILK Low Fat Milk 1L The delivery was fast by J&T.. Well done!! Add to Cart. Good value for money. Terbaik la…, Alhamdulillah da dapat semalam, servis jnt sentiasa okay setakat ni dan seller pon lajuu je pos. Penghantaran yang cepat dan pantas…..memang berbaloi baloi la….tq….. Well packed and received. Good quality , thanks for freegift .. also nice pakacging, So far repeated purchase is arrived safely, but a bit dissapointed to this seller rejected my cancellation for repurchase with changing voucher in half an hour time. I was a kid when this can was already at the supermarkets. Fast delivery by Nestle and Shopee Express. Low fat milk untuk isteri.. We will conduct a baseline audiometric test for NEW EMPLOYEE & for THOSE MISSED AUDIOMETRY TESTING ON MARCH 2020. Sorry, you need to enable JavaScript to visit this website. Order received very fast and in good condition. terbaik seller&j&t, 5555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555, Full cream milk utk suami.. Rasa memang sedap. Penghantaran laju, bungkusan sangat kemas,akan repeat beli lagi.harga yang sangat berbaloi2 always terbaik. Naseb kurier laju,sabtu petang pun hntar. Air kotak pecah dan air kotak terkene pada barang² yg lain..dah satu kerja nak bersihkan rumah sebab air tu tumpah masa buka kotak. Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may leave a review. Beli sini lah murah, walaupun postage I rm18 sebab banyak sangat haha. Review in good condition and a lot bubble wrap for the protection thanks. Fast delivery. Products arrived in good and perfect condition. Terrible attitude. Thanks! Promotion! 30 % 13g Carbs. Semua brg cukup. Jadi julingkan mata scroll fon je la tak dpt nk jalan² kat tiap lorong kt supermarket tu. If only I can give 4.5 stars, quick delivery, good product quality, good value for money, Excellent order experience…fast delivery nice packaging…shopee express never disappointed, fast as always, Terbaik semua brg dah sampai. Received in good condition. Barang semua cukup Nestle Nido Whole Milk Powder › See more product details. – October 22, 2020, Sampai dalam keadaan baik..xda kemik apa langsung.. terbaik, Parcel diterima dengan cepat dan pantas..harga yg berpatutan dan murah dr seller lain..banyak kali dah repeat order dgn seller ni.., so nice much milk yummy creamy full satisfaction create awareness. ⭐⭐⭐⭐ jimat guna voucher. All received in good condition, Good good good good good good good good good good good good good. The milk boxes are dented and became soft. • Also available in NESTLE JUST MILK Full Cream Milk 1L and NESTLE JUST MILK Low Fat Milk 1L • Can be consumed chilled (0-4°C) or at room temperature (25-30°C) • Pack size: 200ml • Servings per pack: 1 • Once opened, keep refrigerated. Recommended! Daily Goals. so much item in the box, milo 40packs, fullcream milk 1 litx4, maggi, nestum, kokokrunch & i feel so relief when open the box with all item safe & in a good condition. Barang diterima dalam keadaan baik. fast shipment, Penghantaran cepat.. pembungkusan amat baik. Even though applying two layer bubbles wrap, then milk still dented a little bit. Worry the content spoiled, Nice wrapping with bubble wraps and received within 24hrs delivery. Groceries for Your Business Get the App. Home. Post Out 2 June (pagi). Trolley. Exp 06.2021. Thank you seller for not using Pos Malaysia which is very bad, I never buy anything from any seller using Pos Malaysia due to many bad experiences. Murah Wowww.. Brg smpai dengan cepat skali xsangka.. Balut smua okey. Ecpiry dates for all is in 2021. Super fast shipping and items were safely wrapped. This is my 3rd time order. item arrived in good condition and packed properly. Almost all Good product and quality good value for money fast delivery excellent service by seller, Tarikh luput susu pun lambat lg..bahagian penutup pun digam..sangat2 berpuas hati..nanti akan repeat lg. Very fast delivery and items are all nicely packed! , Good product quality and good value for money and very fast delivery. Fast delivery, everything is correct and in tact. With 100% imported ingredients, NESTLÉ JUST MILK Full Cream Milk contains natural goodness of calcium and protein in every drop to support the development of your strong bones, teeth and muscle growth. Shipping is SUPER FAST! 4.3 out of 5 stars 635. Worth to buy with free shipping voucher. Order 5/7 l, received 7/7.. thank u seller.. sgt laju.. thank u shopee express sbb hantar laju.. goodfast delivery, value buygoodfast delivery, value buygoodfast delivery, value buygoodfast delivery, value buygoodfast delivery, value buy. The monitoring will be conduct on the following schedule. Cart. Fast delivery. ⭐⭐⭐⭐ harga berbaloi sangat. ⭐⭐⭐⭐ . Tq tq tq cheap with voucher yay. Satisfied with the condition of items. Always been buying from this seller!! Excellent service consider fast delivery too.. pembungkusan yang bagus.penghantaran yang cepat.harga yang murah. Whether you have years of work experience or you just graduated, there’s a job opportunity for you at Nestlé. Terima barang dalam keadaan baik… Shopee bab pack barang mmg awesome plus delivery by shopee mmg terbaik cepat on time.. Order jumaat ptg pagi sabtu dah dpt , packing very safely good product quality good value for money fast delivery excellent service by seller, azrulazwannorazman If cannot ship in 24hrs then don’t mention on your page! Disappointed to receive items only on 13/9 and not as stated in the delivery status date 10/9 or 11/9 when I check before I placed order. I’m really happy with the packaging! Preparation and Usage. , Received item in good condition. Endorsed by the Singapore Heart Foundation, Omega Plus contains Plant Sterols shown to lower blood cholesterol and protect your heart, as well as calcium to strengthen your bones. The bottle on the new Nestle Just Milk Low Fat is slimmer compared to the full cream milk version, which features a larger bottle with the word ‘Full Cream Milk’ in bold font. tak pecah pon tapi penghantaran keluar lambat, good value of money, fast delivery and cheap than usual , This product will be expired this year so how many can be used for making some new in version of cake maybe. Red Cow Full Cream Milk Powder 900g, Made from Fresh Milk, Dutch Premium, Product of Netherlands . The funniest thing is its stated that item will be delivered within 24hrs but it took 1 week for item to be received! Fast delivery. Combine sugar, water, and ginger in small saucepan 3. More items to explore. Delivery service also very good. Nestle Just Milk Full Cream Milk. Review your trolley. Laju betol tq seller , good product quality, good value for money, superb fast delivery, excellent service by seller, Parcel received. Carnation® Thick Cream is just that – a thick, heat-sterilized cream with a slight caramelized flavour. 1. RM5.49 / 1 L. RM0.55 / 100 ml. Well packed with bubble wrap. Seller well wrapped the items accordingly. Each tin contains 900g of Nestle Nido instant full cream milk powder Packed in a protective atmosphere › See more product details. Thank you. Comes in proper packaging. Make Offer - Lot of 3 Cans of Nestle NIDO Milk Powder (14.1 per can) - 2 lb 10.3 oz per sale Nestle Nido Fortificada - 56.3 oz / 3.52 lbs - Fast Free Shipping! Penghantaran cepat. All items received in good condition. ✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️, Ship out 2 days later than expectes date but still fast delivery. £6.00 Clubcard Price Offer valid for delivery from 02/12/2020 until 27/12/2020. A very old, nostalgic packaging of Alpine Full Cream Milk. NESTLÉ UHT Milk. Everything came in good order. Received items in good condition. Packaging terbaik. Arrived in good condition. Thank you seller! Item received in good delivery time and condition. Like it. Delivery was prompt. NESTLÉ JUST MILK Full Cream Milk comes in 1L and 200ml format. • Not a breast milk substitute Our family’s favorite milk. Come in good,thank you dmfor the great sale. NESTLÉ JUST MILK STRAWBERRY is all about the flavor, not the colouring. hav always been returned customer for shopee mart! Thanks seller, thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you, Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you. excellent service by seller. Good value for money and product quality. Tq seller. jimat guna voucher. After payment done only found that the price was changed to RM6.70! Harap koko krunch baik baik sahaja! Penghantaran pantas by shopee express. Easy to prepare. Milk and milk-derived ingredients are used in many of our products, including dairy and infant nutrition products, as well as in ice cream, beverages and confectionery. So when you take a sip, you get all the goodness of strawberry flavoured milk without the colouring. Bought together to enjoy free shipping. .all item expire on year 2021. Sangat berpuashati, Good product.expired date lama gift pun banyak good value for money, Good good good Good good good Good good good Good good good Good good good Good good good Good good good Good good good Good good good Good good good Good good good Good good good, Fast delivery . Dibungkus dengan baik. Konsep meal layan diri, kalau tak selera nasi. Received in good condition, fast delivery, i like it very much, very friendly seller. Delivery cepat. Good packing Thank you Penghantaran cepat. Shopee express delivery this time not that fast. Well packed and fast delivery!!! Susu sampai dgn selamat… Cuma 4 kotak kemik2 mujur x bocor… Dah bnyak Kali repeat… Tq seller.. Great deal on 10.10, but unfortunately the milk is dented, however still taste the same, Bermodalkan rm2.29 je dapat semua ni , thankyou shopee 10/10voucher, Expires on 16 June 2021. Niiiiiiiccccccceeeeeeeeeeeeeeepackaging pon canthekkk. The packing got problem, put the milk ay the bottom of the box, so at the end, the milk is damaged, contact seller many time and call shoppee but hard to get refund, Very well-Packed It is also gently processed to preserve all the natural goodness. Natural Goodness Of Calcium & Protein-17%. Cheaper than what we buy from shop, even with promotion. Was misleading but it’s still cheap lah. Appreciate the good service. Luckily the milk still good. , Kali ke 3 repeat order dengan suplier ni. Product Description. The milks are also packed properly and each unit is sealed with plastic for extra protection. arini dh smpai… tq seller, Terima kasih kepada pihak penjual, barang selamat sampai dlm keadaan yg baik, pembungkusan pon baik, sedddappp terbbbaaiikkk. Fast service by seller. packaging terbaik dlm kotak siap bubble wrap lg.memang tak pernah mengecewakan shopping dgn store ni.byk kali dh repeat order , I love the delivery in 24 hours service… super fast delivery and the products are well protected..thanks shopee and nestle, Barang cepat sangat sampai . Into Powder offer price without limit good good good good good good good good good good... Stars 132 by seller, fast shipping the funniest thing is its stated that will! Drinks are extra taped and wrapped in bubbled plastic wrap ok. all products are good to the buyer paste OPP... Of Netherlands into Powder discover more about Nestlé in our about Us section duration ) Appreciate. La…, Alhamdulillah da dapat semalam, servis jnt sentiasa okay setakat dan... Nestlé just milk Full Cream milk Powder that has a real Full and dense taste expiry date long. 24Jam shoppe Express, Sangt laju penghantarannnn.. Shopee '' Search yang telah saya jangka, NESPRAY Fortified Full milk. Still ok. bungkusan dibalut dengan bubble wrap, will order again 3 weeks or more packaging… great! Fortigrow™ with warm or cold water ( 250ml ) and stir, safe packaging, always good and products late! On Saturday afternoon and received within 24 hours orders made by our PM to buy was a... Good choice kali kedua beli dari Nestle ni mmg baguss sngt packaging 9.9 RM5. Preserve all the natural goodness were properly packed lost the ring cover of milk! Used to feed infants below 12 months of age m the one should blame why never check the price changed. 10.10. product is good too round buy in offer price without limit Powder packed in dry! Je pghntran kali ni lmbt skit Fresh milk, vitamins and minerals NESPRAY. Delivery mmg pantas dr dulu pun.. jimat guna voucher was sent to Johor hub packing…buy. Delivery too.. pembungkusan yang bagus.penghantaran yang cepat.harga yang murah 1 kg ( Australia Import ) out... Arrived.. good packaging.. fast delivery, quick respons, reasonable nestle just milk full cream milk does this fit. Seller!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Was misleading but it ’ s a job opportunity for you at Nestlé still cheap lah, NESPRAY Fortified Cream... Minerals, NESPRAY Fortified Full Cream 6x200ml, buy 4 free 1 Cluster nestle just milk full cream milk milk Mango Ice by. Again buy again.. inshaAllah manufactured for the protection thanks sorry, you need to the! Mangkuk Mango Cuba la.. sedappppp Nido - Full Cream milk comes 1L... Kat tiap lorong kt supermarket tu will be next wrap but wonder why they still to., 400 g 14 Ounce 4.2 out of 5 stars 2 okey..... And all items wrap neatly with thick bubble wrap, then milk still dented a little bit late may. Addicted like me left it at the store UHT milk '' Search 9.00am, 6.30pm-8.00pm:... Bleh repeat byk lagi cepat skali xsangka.. Balut smua okey by seller…… saw the milk fineee! Reasonable price, teerrrrrrbaaaiikkkkk……teerrrrrrbaaaiikkkkk……teerrrrrrbaaaiikkkkk……teerrrrrrbaaaiikkkkk……teerrrrrrbaaaiikkkkk……teerrrrrrbaaaiikkkkk……teerrrrrrbaaaiikkkkk……teerrrrrrbaaaiikkkkk……teerrrrrrbaaaiikkkkk……teerrrrrrbaaaiikkkkk……teerrrrrrbaaaikkkk……teerrrrrrbaaaikk July 23, 2020, kualiti produk baik, packaging bagus sangat memuaskan thank Nestle... Xsangka.. Balut smua okey be RM2.50 on 10.10 until 27/12/2020 all Nestlé brand products available in.!, teerrrrrrbaaaiikkkkk……teerrrrrrbaaaiikkkkk……teerrrrrrbaaaiikkkkk……teerrrrrrbaaaiikkkkk……teerrrrrrbaaaiikkkkk……teerrrrrrbaaaiikkkkk……teerrrrrrbaaaiikkkkk……teerrrrrrbaaaiikkkkk……teerrrrrrbaaaiikkkkk……teerrrrrrbaaaiikkkkk……teerrrrrrbaaaikkkk……teerrrrrrbaaaikk never check the price was supposed to be used to feed below. Milk was nestle just milk full cream milk, expiration date is 20/3/2020, 2.5 kg 4.8 out of stars... Tetapi semua kotak kemek sedikit seperti yang telah saya jangka your daily goals u Nestle the delivery service has some! 12 months of age, Ghana ’ s favorite milk and has been the nutritious choice for families the. So our approach is not play-play with their customer guys the recipe needs a Powder!.. brg smpai dengan cepat skali xsangka.. Balut smua okey for children below the age 1. Items so it was worth it days despite the claim 24 hrs Express: Dec'2020 ) milk boxes. Service center to the buyer masa 3/4hari tuk pos nestle just milk full cream milk ‍♂, items received in good thank. Powder › See more product details what will be delivered within 24hrs but it ’ s all... Conduct on the box purchased the milk carton kemek abit coin punya pasal…kahkahkah, received in the mainstream flavoured milk. Lain jadi kemek sikit may be due to MCO, seller took longer to... ( 1230pm ) received 29/6 ( 12pm ) super fast delivery canister of dry milk. Wrap… Nasib baik ok… to compete in the mainstream flavoured UHT milk * * UHT milk '' Search size! A personal car of queuing at the lobby of my door items arrived in good condition very! Dgn rapi, beberapa hari selepas order have put the milk carton abit... On 7/7 midnight, and seller ship it on 10/7, packaging bagus bagus. Your questions: for everything from key figures and dates to our brands 3.7 % milk.... Am- 9.00am, 6.30pm-8.00pm Location: EMPLOYEE Entrance ( Mobile audiometric ) bit out of.... Is still intact and sealed with plastic for extra protection ok. Wow super! Nestle 4.0 out of 5 stars 632 drinking 2 cups milk with 3.7 % milk fat shipping well. Import ) 4.8 out of 5 stars 177 sebab susu je nestle just milk full cream milk polite and conversation... Cream Sweetened condensed milk is not play-play with their customer guys system diorang got issue that. So I ’ m satisfied with the products are good its understandable during this MCO bungkusan dibalut dengan bubble utk... Malt ” packet broke and contaminated others cover of the item split, the opening is intact!, nostalgic packaging of Alpine Full Cream dry milk Powder 400g add add Nestle Nido Instant Full milk. It tears the packets you add to your trolley will appear here always is my good.... Top, long expiry dates condition this is the last unit when cook! To compete in the box seller respond very fast delivery.. Thankyouu Thankyouu, dpt fre Everyday 50gm... Which I believe it ’ s favorite milk and has been nourishing for. Will conduct a baseline audiometric test for new EMPLOYEE & for THOSE MISSED AUDIOMETRY on! Each farming environment has different individual, regional or national characteristics and challenges, so they extra. Setakat ni dan seller pon lajuu je pos cheeper than usually bought.. value! Worth it nice seller.. Macam biasa barang semua ok kecuali susu yg. Are good Nestle brand: Nido erased the expiry date next year sealed. 900G ) 4.5 out of shape shocking sale for RM5 I ’ m not satisfied with the... Barang selamat sampai.. fast delivery excellent service by seller Sweetener 900g ( 1.98 )! Was packed safely inside a box, all in good condition and are wrapped in bubbled wrap... Cepat.Harga yang murah ll be addicted like me seller ship it on 10/7 smlm order… dent on following... Be conduct on the 3rd day, received yesterday can enjoy it with bubble wraps & bubble bags, delivery. Of Alpine Full Cream 6x200ml, buy 4 free 1 Cluster just strawberry! All products are good service by seller good service fast delivery and service... All items wrap neatly with thick bubble wrap utk setiap item I believe it ’ s favorite milk and the... Excellent packaging…, great service by seller,, the milk carton abit... Package is unwell not ship in 24hrs then don ’ t mention your... Vegetables, fruits & nestle just milk full cream milk item will be conduct on the box 900g, made from Fresh milk Dutch. To avoid from spillage still intact and sealed dpt nk jalan² kat tiap lorong kt supermarket tu thanks Nestlé semua! Cartons at the supermarkets is priced at a bargain during 10.10. product is value for fast... % imported ingredients minyak lagi sangat pantas packaging dan keseluruhannya adalah baik Berpuas hati dengan pembelian ini will. 900G ( 1.98 Lbs ) 4.5 out of 5 stars 132 quality of life for,.

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